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ICP License assistance and .CN domain  registration services in China

Marketing agency GetGoogleSeo will help you to get an ICP license in China. We provide Russian business with marketing and advertising support in China, Macao and Hong Kong.

Nowadays ICP license is a must-have for those who wants to host a site on Chinese hostings, rank highly in search engines for highly competitive inquiries or advertise your page in official advertising services such as Baidu context advertising and many others.

To receive a full package of Digital marketing services and let your online business to become prosperous is our main goal. We take into consideration every detail of your online business, care about the most important things, that lead you to potential consumers. Our professionals in social media sphere have passed trainings and gained certificated to coincide with the ever-growing source of Digital media, such as entertainment, shopping, news etc. Our Digital marketing agency will accurately pick up every detail, that will put your online business on the level of worldwide recognition in SEO and will provide deluxe PPC services. All these factors will raise your ratings in search engines and increase revenue and ROI.

Why do you need an ICP license?

ICP license is a permit from the Chinese Government for the existence of a particular website. Having an ICP license means that your website does not threaten Chinese citizens and doesn’t contain any information against the Chinese Communist Party. The license is issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China. Chinese ICP license is an eight-digit numeric code, which can be obtained on the official website of the Ministry miibeian.

GetGoogleSeo specialists will assist you to prepare and file documents to obtain an ICP license. Terms of obtaining the license vary from 2 to 7 weeks. The cost of the turnkey service is 4500 yuan.

Moreover, we can help you to buy and register .CN domain and to do all the necessary technical works to transfer your website to Chinese hosting.

ICP license, Chinese hosting and .CN domain. The above mentioned elements are essential to start the website promotion in China.

ICP license is required for:

  • Purchase a domain in the .cn zone;
  • Hosting / server rental in China;
  • Participation in Baidu context advertising system;
  • Organization of the official e-commerce business in China.

Any European or Russian website works slower in the mainland China because of the “great Chinese firewall”. The location of the site on the Chinese hosting will ensure your site’s quick and smooth operation in the PRC.

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